10 Types Of Posts You Must Have On Your Blog As A New Blogger

10 Types Of Posts You Must Have On Your Blog As A New Blogger

10 Types of posts you must have on your blog as a new blogger.

Are you a new blogger? As a new blogger, I’m sure your concern will be how to grow your blog. For your blog to grow, you need traffic.

To generate blog traffic, you need to have certain posts in your blog. In the process of growing my blog, I have come to understand that there are certain types of posts that drive traffic. If you are a new blogger, you may want to start pumping them out today, if you are not already doing so. 

In this post therefore, I will outline 10 types of posts you must have on your blog as a new blogger to generate traffic.

Do you know that certain blog types drive traffic to your blog? Read this post to learn the 10 types of posts you must have on your blog as a new blogger.

1.       List Posts

This type of posts are extremely popular on social media. You know why? It saves time, especially when you are short of time but want to convey valuable information to your readers, quickly.

This post, on 16 powerful steps I take before and after I hit publish is about 1,670 words. It is quite long, but readers have found it popular because it provides valuable advice.

2.       Round Up Posts

Round up posts are also great for traffic, shares as well as for comments. Round up posts are simply a collection of ideas, tips, quotes, people etc… in one big blog post.

My Newsletter, Hot Picks Worth Sharing is a collect of 5 blog posts collected from around the blogsphere. It is new on my blog.  After publication, I tag all the bloggers whose posts I consider worth sharing to my readers for the week and ask them nicely to share to their readers.

This is another way to grow my email list because I am inviting new bloggers to sign up to receive 5 great articles every week which will help them grow their blogs.

3.       How To Posts

You can say they are my favourite way of delivery information to my readers. With how to posts, you are learning something new from the writer. Personally, as a mum I seek out these types of posts when I am searching to learn how to do something like … how to bake cookies, how to keep my children busing during summer.

How to posts, in my opinion are the most popular way of delivering information to your readers. So, get cranking out how to posts to maximise your traffic.

4.       Tools posts

These type of posts are equally popular. I wrote this post as part of my blog growth series. It is an opportunity to showcase the tools you use on your blog, as wells tools that come highly recommended by other bloggers. It is also an opportunity to seamlessly add affiliate links.

The good part about tools posts is that I can add other tools along the way, as I grew my blog. When I do, the title will change to reflect the number of tools. You can update this type of posts that way.

5.       Blog Series

Blog series can be a great way to generate traffic to your blog.

My blog is not generating much traffic, so I decided to start a blog series on how to grow a successful blog. The awesome thing about this blog growth series is that I get to write about how to grow my traffic, my email list and how to monetise.

You can also break it down . For example you can run series on how to grow your traffic, or how to grow your email subscribers.  If you are a lifestyle blogger for example, you can run a blog series on how to decorate your home. You get the idea.

6.       Opinion Posts

When you write an opinion post, you readers want to know why you believe in the topic you write about. They also want to know why they should listen to you. Opinion posts are authoritative posts. It is an easy way to build a community of followers who believe in what you have to say.

I have written and self- published three ebooks and 2 more on the way, so I know a thing or two about writing ebooks.

Related reading: 9 Tips for writing an ebook

7.       Income reports

Many bloggers share their income reports every month, for example, Making Sense of Cents.

Although, it freaks me out reading them, I can see why income reports are very popular. Your readers are curious and want to know that you are making money from the strategies you are teaching them. It gives them the assurance that they too could be making an income from their blog.

8.       Traffic Reports

I am growing my blog through the blog growth series. I am sharing the way I am growing my traffic. This is important because my followers want to see how I am doing with my blog. They may want to apply the same tactics if it works.

9.       Resource Posts

This is a fantastic way to reach out to other bloggers. It is a way to show recognition. Bloggers appreciate such recognition.

For example, compiling a list of Facebook or Pinterest groups for your readers to follow is a great way to create engagement as well as direct traffic to your blog.

From my experience, when you mention a fellow blogger, chances are they will share your post. Some of the bloggers I mentioned in this newsletter visited my blog. A shout out to them!

10.   Lesson posts

In this type of post, you are simply sharing the lessons learned from doing something. This kind of ties up with point 6 above. It is popular because your readers want to know what you have tried to become successful or not. A good example is my blog growth series, where I am sharing what I am doing to grow my blog.

Another example is 60 awesome things I learned from 8 months of blogging. This is one of my popular posts. It details lessons I have picked up along the way from blogging for 8 months.


That’s it my friends, 10 types of posts you must have on your blog as a new blogger.

If you want to grow your blog, start cranking out the above types of posts today.

Do you know any other blog post which drives traffic? Please share.

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