10 Ways To Keep Your Children Busy In Summer


So you are back from holidays! Or maybe you are about to go. If you are like most people, your holidays usually lasts for 10 days or at most, 14 days.

So what happens the rest of the holidays?  How do you keep your children busy the rest of the holiday season?

Here’s how I think they can get busy…

  1. Local Library

Summer is a good time to get the children to catch up with reading their favourite books. Start a reading competition and promise a prize for the person who reads the most books- works all the time! Start them on book sets like Roald Dahl collection, Mr. Men, Diary of a Wimpy Kid collection and Tales from Acornwood for the younger children. That’s how I got my children to read these authors. They are great books for children. Every summer, my local library runs a summer reading challenge. Check your library for similar challenges and enrol your children. Children like competition. I find this by far the most effective way of keeping the older children busy because it keeps them reading almost all the time. My daughter use to love this challenges because it meant no dish washing or other chores. I could almost hear her now saying, but I’m reading mummy…

2. Swimming

Children like to splash about in water. Summer time is a always a good time to for them to improve on their swimming skills. My local gym has summer programme for children at  a discounted prize. Check out your local gym and get the children enrolled for a few days a week to soak up that time. Check out local churches and community centres for summer activities. There will always be activities your children will be interested in.

3. Museums

It is a good time to explore museums. Some museums are free and some discounted for families. Take advantage of this. What about the zoo? I love the zoo. It’s very possible you will enjoy it as much as the children. Try it.

4. PlayStation games 

Ahh, the dreaded PlayStation games! This will definitely keep them very busy all day, although I do not recommend that they become couch potatoes. I use to enjoy watching my younger son play Rayman and Little big planet. Now I enjoy the older children playing Uncharted and FIFA17 . I guess what I’m trying to say is that you will be surprised at what you will actually enjoy once you set your mind on it. So while you are trying to get them occupied, try to enjoy some of the activities with them as well.

5. Local Parks

Check out the local parks. You will be surprised at the number of parks dotted around you that you have never seen or visited. Use this opportunity to explore.  Have a picnic while you’re at it. And why not?

6. Writing skills

Introduce them to writing this summer. Ask your children to write a short story about any activity of their choice. Introduce them to cartoons. Get them to be creative. More importantly, make out time to discuss their stories with them. It will make them feel they have done sometime worthwhile.

7. Visit family members

Summer is a good time to catch up with family members again. In our busy lives, we often leave this till Xmas to see relatives, even the ones who live close to us. Organise a barbecue and treat it as a mini family reunion. The children will have a blast with their cousins, what with the burgers and sausages. Yum!

8. Involve your children in cooking, especially baking.

Get the kitchen and everyone dirty with flour! Bake delicious cup cakes with them. And get them to help you clean up afterwards. Fun, right?

9. Gardening

Introduce them to gardening. If you have a garden, carve out a patch and show them how to grow tomatoes, lettuce etc. They will be happy to have produced something. Let them potter around in the garden. It will make them happy.

10. Bonding time

This is very important. Spend time with your children. It will be good for you and for them.

Have a blast!

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