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13 More Xmas Gift Ideas for Writers

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Here are more gift ideas for the season.

  1. Are You a Writer: So Start Acting Like One by Jeff Goins
  2. The Writer’s Studio by Jeff Goins
  3. Business for Authors by Joanna Pen

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4. Yoga

Give that brain of yours a break. When you know you have met your side of the deal by meeting your schedules, deadlines and more, treat yourself to a gift of Bikram yoga subscriptions. There are so many benefits of Bikram yoga, especially if you are a writer.

5.  Swag- t-shirts

6. Magnetic Memo set

7. Juicer

I particularly recommend this one that I use. I juice a lot when I want to take a break from too much caffeine. My son gifted me with this and I love it. A great gift for Xmas.

8. Laptop

Bring out the writer in your child, wife, husband or friend by giving them a gift of lap top or mac this holiday season. Get a laptop bag to go with that. They will love you for that.

9. Healthy snacks

Power that brain of yours by eating healthy snacks. Luckily Amazon now has a grocery section and can be delivered within hours to your doorsteps

10. Passport holders and luggage tags

These are by no means frivolous. If you love to travel like I do, get these essentials items. They will make your holiday travel experience more enjoyable.

11. Massage roller or orthopaedic massage

Trust me , you need it when you are stiff from writing.

12. Casuals

Being a write or a blogger means you can write anywhere, especially at home, in your PJs, casual, slouchy clothes.

13 More Xmas Gift Ideas for Writers

13. Musical Alexa

Tell Alexa to play that music that will calm your soul. Let Alexa do all the work. I love this gift.

Do you have any gift ideas? Share them by leaving a comment.

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