1O Essential Things To Take On Holiday

Summer is upon us again. Many people are already away to far flung places and many of you are getting ready to jet out.

Lucky you!

If you are anything like me, you are yet to decide on a destination. Not good right? I know. Talk about procrastinations!

Every year, I promise myself that I will book our holidays at least a few months before the time, but I never get around to it , with of course, disastrous consequences. Leaving it too late means you are guaranteed to pay more than you would have if you had taken advantage of the low season prizes.

Last year, we planned to spend the summer with family in Houston but we decided to go to Rome instead- last minute because we couldn’t get a good deal to Houston. That’s not to say that we didn’t enjoy Rome.

In fact, we had a blast!

You probably didn’t know that the pope blesses the people at St Peter’s Basilica on Sundays at precisely 12 noon from the window of his apartment. That was the highlight of our trip.


We also visited many other places,  including the Vatican Museums. We spent about 2 hours looking at the incredible, masterpieces of art works , sculpture and paintings displayed in the museums and the Sistine Chapel.

sistine chapel

Cool right?

Here’s what I am trying to say-

Wherever you happen to find yourself this summer, regardless of how early or late you booked it, have a blast but don’t forget to take the essentials .

Here’s my list of 10 Essential things to remember to take on holidays-


Yes passports!  Obvious, isn’t it? You will be surprised at the number of holidays that have been cancelled or rescheduled (most times, at an extra costs) because somebody finds out at the check in counter that a passport or two were left on the bed on the dining table. Or worse, expired.  Make copies of all passports. It will also be safe to email copies to yourself, so that way you can produce it to appropriate authority in the event of loss.

2. Visas

Be sure to obtain your visas well in advance for the countries where visas are required.

3. Vaccinations.

Don’t take chances! Get those vaccines that are applicable to the country you are going to. Visit your doctor many weeks before your trip for advise and vaccinations if you need them.

4. Books

Take the perfect book for you and other members of your party. What is summer without a good book? Why don’t you try one of Jojo Moyes books.  My favourite is ‘me before you’. Brilliant book!

5. Games

Take games for you and the younger ones in your party. We take board games like Scrabble and monopoly. These are our old family favourites. Everyone gets to play.

That will keep everybody occupied on the days you’re not out exploring the city. Don’t forget the music player like iPod or the MP3 player, whichever you use to entertain yourself.

6. Medicines!

If you are taking any prescription medicines, ensure that you have enough supply to last you for the duration of your trip. Don’t forget the allergy tablets, Imodium and paracetamol. You don’t want to end up in hospital, especially in a foreign country you are unfamiliar with. More importantly, don’t forget to take out a travel insurance that covers any medical emergencies. Hopefully, there won’t be one! And take the insurance documents with you. Make copies and email a copy to yourself as well.

7. Prescription glasses!

You don’t want to end up peering and squinting at objects and your books because you can’t see properly. You will be frustrated to say the least. I tend to take two in case I loss one.

8. Headphones and earphones

These are absolute necessities even though they have a way of shutting down any form of conversation!

9. Plug Converters.

Everyone should have this. You can use it in any country. You will almost go crazy if you can’t charge those phones, laptops and iPads.

10. Money

This is very obvious advice but it has happened many times. Imagine your holidays without credit cards, debit cards and cash! And then imagine the stress of calling your bank or family and friends for that emergency cash! Who needs the stress?

The list is not comprehensive enough! I know. There are hundred and one things to check when going on holidays, like the appropriate clothes to take, toothbrush, sunscreen, notebook and pen and even neck pillows, (which I love), but the above are my absolute must take!

Enjoy your Holiday!


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