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24 Ways To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Blog

24 Ways To Drive Organic TrafficTo Your Blog

There are many ways to drive organic traffic to your blog while waiting for SEO to kick in.

Are you a new blogger? Are you struggling to get your posts in front of readers?

Perhaps you have written great posts and you are wondering why they are not driving traffic to your website. You are not alone!

In 5 Ways To Boost Your Writing I set out strategies to ensure that I write at least one post a week. Of course, the intention is to build it up to two posts a week and spend the rest of the week promoting them in social media, to my email list and Pinterest. That’s the plan and I am working towards it. Most seasoned bloggers agree that it is best to write one post a week and then promote the hell out of it. I see the logic in this but if you are new to blogging, you might want to write at least 2 post a week to develop a relationship with your readers. Anyway, that’s my opinion. The most important thing to do, whether you write one post or two, is to find ways to put them in front of readers, while you wait for Google to find them.

What’s the point in spending so much of your time writing great posts if nobody reads them?

See what I mean?

Here’s what you can do to drive traffic to your blog for free. I am doing the same.

1. Twitter

Open an account if you don’t already have one. Many people don’t use Twitter to their best advantage, including me. Link your blog to your twitter account and share all posts. It doesn’t end there though. You will have to retweet your posts a few times and over a few days to ensure that they land in front of many people. Another good strategy is to retweet other people’s posts. It’s simple. If you want people to retweet your posts you have to retweet theirs too.

If you really want Twitter to work for you, you have to be very specific in your tweet. People move very fast online and if your tweets are lacking the right tone, they are gone and the moment is lost. Use catchy headlines that will make them click through to your website. Headlines with numbers in them seem to work well as in these posts, 7 Ways to Earn Extra Income As a Blogger, 10 Essential Things To Take On Holidays

2. Twitter Hashtags

If you want your post to be found by others use the appropriate hashtags. That way, many people will see your posts and share them. Tweets with hashtags receive higher engagement than those without, but don’t overdo it. Tweets with many hashtags don’t do well. You can’t win, right? You might want to head over to to seek out appropriate hashtags. There are also twitter communities where tweeters hang out. You may want to find one and join. You might want to follow some people in your niche. Chances are they might follow you right back. I am working on my twitter presence as I am yet to receive significant traffic from twitter.

3. Podcasts

Turn your blog posts into podcasts and offer them as an incentive for people to subscribe to your website. I am still working on my podcast. I’m just worried that it might not turn out okay or that people might not like my voice. Yes I’m chicken like that sometimes. I am not letting that stop me though. I will get to it pretty soon.

4. Facebook page for your blog

You must have one – to share your posts. Chances are your post will go far.

5. Join Facebook Groups

I have come to understand that this is a must join. It is a great way to promote your posts. You might need invitation to join some groups though. Sometimes that invitation simply means taking one of the free courses on a blogger’s website. Watch out for the group rules. Some will require you to like, comment or share other people’s post for every one of yours you post in the group. I think that’s fair. I have joined a few FB groups. Although the like for like, comment for comment is serious hard work, it helps drive some traffic your blog.

6. Facebook Live videos 

Convert your blog posts into videos. Creating a live video and streaming it live within the group is a fantastic way of informing fellow members about your new post. Videos are visuals and some readers prefer visuals to reading blog posts. I have recently discovered Lumen5 and I will be using it to turn some of my posts into videos. Check it out at

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7. Pinterest

If you don’t already have an account, sign up today. Pinterest has become a very popular search engine that bloggers use to drive traffic to their posts and websites. It is a good forum to share your posts, pin, repin interests from your boards and other people’s boards. Sign up for a business account and learn the strategies that bloggers are using to help put their posts in from of thousands of people. There are some blog posts and training out there to help you figure out how it works. I am still figuring it out myself. I have read many testimonials about how Pinterest helped to explode bloggers traffic. I haven’t seen that explosion yet but then again, I have only been on Pinterest for about 6 weeks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though. I will surely tell you all about it.

8. Group Boards on Pinterest

Create your own boards and then join a couple of group boards. Getting to understand how Pinterest works requires a bit of patience – at least for me, but once you get the hang of it, you’re good to go. Joining group boards is reputed to attract more traffic to your blog. You can also create your own group board and invite contributors to join your board. You can use Tailwind Scheduler to schedule all your pins to save you time and the hassle of pinning every day. Find groups boards to join on Pin Groupie, The Pin Junkie, and BroadDeck. Get Tailwind today and take advantage of the benefits.

9. Tailwind Tribes

And while you are at it, why don’t you join Tailwind Tribes. Tribes help you grow with like-minded pinners like you and I. It is a great way to share high-quality contents as well as a great way for your contents to be seen by other trusted members of the tribes. Since I joined 15 tribes two weeks ago, I have had 83 re-shares, 2 repins and 677.1k reach. I think that’s pretty impressive. The good thing about this is that you do not need to have an account to join the tribes, but you will need invitation to join. Get on board!

10. Google+ page 

Do you have an account? This might not be the most popular way to get your posts seen, at least for me, but a few clicks will surely go a long way, right?

11. Google + communities

Look for communities that will share blog posts from your niche. You can join as many communities as you like. Be sure to read up on the rules about sharing posts for each community.

12. LinkedIn

 In recent times, LinkedIn has become a publishing platform, instead of just a platform for finding jobs. Personally, I am a bit skeptical about this platform. I have only got few clicks from LinkedIn but it could depend on my engagement. Maybe I am not doing it right. It might work better for you. Publish your best posts. You can also follow influencers, join a few groups, invite connections by email and participate in group discussions. Some bloggers swear by LinkedIn, so it can’t be that bad. Give it a go. You have nothing to lose.

13. Instagram 

You can’t link your blog to Instagram but you can enter your blog URL in your Bio and use the clickable link to direct traffic to your blog. This one is pretty much easy. I am currently growing my Instagram presence. It is a platform I really like. I will try to post more on Instagram to generate more traffic.

14. YouTube 

This is a good way to visually tell people about your blog topic. Authors love YouTube because they use it to create book trailers for their books.

15. Newsletter

This is still popular amongst bloggers. Some people might say differently. Subscribe to Mailchimp, to create a newsletter to update your readers. It is free up to your first 2000 subscribers. You can also use a newsletter to send a blast about upcoming posts and events. It is also a good way to get people to subscribe to your website. Always remember to give them an incentive to subscribe to your newsletter, e.g. free E-book, cheat sheet or workbook. Don’t forget to give incentive that will solve a problem for your readers.

16. Other Bloggers

Reach out to other bloggers. Look for bloggers in your niche and ask to guest blog. Like their posts and share as well. You will be surprised at the response. You can also ask them nicely to share your posts. You can reach out to a few directly via emails or add them in a tweet. You can also send them a message via their Facebook page. If a popular blogger shares, likes or comments on your posts, it will drive traffic to your website.

17. Social media buttons 

Install social media buttons on your website. These are very important. Ensure that they are linkable. Make it easy for readers to share your posts. Sometimes it is as obvious and easy as simply asking at the end of your posts, but they can’t share if there are no links to your social media buttons.

18.  Use keywords in your posts

Use long tail keywords for your blog posts and use the same keywords at least in three places in your posts. Doing this will ensure that your post is seen by many people, especially Google. Learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO), to help you optimize your posts.

19.  Be consistent

Be consistent with your posting. Your readers will look forward to reading your post if they know when your next post will be.

20. About Me page

Write a good About Me page. Tell people who you are and what your business is all about and don’t forget to add how you intend to use your blog to offer solutions to their problems. People are curious and will often click on this page to see what you are all about. A good About Me page will make them come back again.

21. Create amazing images

I use Picmonkey and Canva to create images, which is very important if you are on Pinterest. Both companies have free trial periods. See which one works for you. Good and professional images will drive traffic from Pinterest to your website, especially if you have content upgrades for your posts. I have set a target for myself to finish two freebies by the end of next week and then offer on my site. Look out for the freebies.

22. Email list

In the past few weeks, I have read many blog posts on how to grow your business and every one of them tells you to focus on your email list. This is obviously very important if you want to become successful at blogging. A huge email list is, without doubt, the answer to blog success. I am therefore seriously working on my email list. You should too.

23. Write great headlines

Pay great attention to your headlines. They are very important aspects of your content. Without attention-grabbing headlines, even your best posts will be lost, unread on the world wide web. If you have to go back to old posts to revamp their headlines and optimize them do that.

24. Daily Post

If you are on WordPress, join Daily Post. This is a great platform where WordPress bloggers hang out- Join the Community Pool for peer support, advice and feedback. Look out for weekly First Friday posts which is mainly for new bloggers to share their first posts. Check it out.

There are so many ways out there to drive traffic to your blog for free. I have not tried them all because it can be quite overwhelming. See the platforms that work for you and do them really well.

Finally, you need Google Analytics on your site. As a matter of fact, every blogger needs it. You will want to know how your effort is driving traffic to your blog, won’t you? Well, Google Analytics will stop you from wondering how your blog is doing. Head over to Google + and sign up for Google Analytics account and follow the step by step process to install it on your site.

I hope you find 24 Ways to Drive Organic Traffic To Your Blog helpful.

If you have any ideas or what has helped drive traffic to your blog, I will be happy to try them out.

Please share.

Thanks for stopping by


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