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3 Powerful Blog Posts You Should Read

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I am a reader. Simple! I love reading books. I also love reading blogs. How else do you learn about what’s happening around you? How do you improve yourself?

I will sometimes bring to your attention articles I find inspirational, interesting insightful, powerful and informative.

Let’s dig in.

Here are 3 articles I enjoyed reading this week.

  1. This 28-year-old earns over $100,000 a month blogging and traveling full-time by Kathleen Elkins over at CNBC. Read the article here. It is truly amazing. Michelle is a lady I admire for her hard work and what she has achieved with her blog. I learnt everything I know about affiliate from her course Making sense of Affiliate Marketing. It is a course I recommend to everyone who cares to monetise their blogs. If you want to know how Michelle achieves this feat every month, head over to her blog. Her story is powerful and inspirational. She is a true legend.

2.      Stephen King’s 20 Tips for Becoming a Frightening Good Writer over at If you want to become ‘a frightening good writer,’ you must read this article here.

3.       How To Write Emotional Headlines That Get More Shares by Garrett Moon    over at At the time of writing the article, Garrett and his crew at CoSchedule Blog, analysed over 5,500 headlines through the Headline Analyser tool, in their bid to find out what ‘made a highly-shared headline so shareable.’ You can read the full article here.

So how do you achieve this?

First, you have to understand ‘what constitutes as emotional.’ Examples of emotional words include words such as ‘immediately,’ ‘astonishing,’ ‘Bottom line,’ (I love this one), to mention but a few. Garrett explained further that Copywriter, Karl Stepp calls these words ‘power words for emotional selling.’

I love this article because everybody is talking about catchy and powerful headlines that attract lots of shares. I welcome different perspectives on the issue of powerful headlines. After all, we all want our articles to appeal to as many readers as possible. Garrett kindly included a downloadable ‘Tear Sheet of over180+ Power Words for Emotional Headlines.’ You will find it helpful.

Did any post touch your creative mind this week?

Please share.

See you soon.


3 powerful blog posts you should read


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