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3 Ways To Grow Your Blog

New Year and a fresh new start! Do you make new year resolutions? What are they?

Many people start off the year by promising to do many things differently. Some blogger friends of mine have promised to work harder at their blogs.

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I’m sure you’ve made that promise too. Who doesn’t want his or her blog to do well this year? I know I do.

If you are not allergic to hard work, here are three areas of your blog you might want to concentrate on-

  1. Grow your followers

We’ve all heard or read advice about growing our email list. Many bloggers are known to use freebies like free courses, free ebooks, checklists, posters etc. as incentive to get readers to subscribe to their email list. It is reputed to grow your followers in leaps and bounds. I am seriously looking into that this year. Nicole Bianchi is an expert in this area. She recently wrote a new book about it. You may want to visit her blog.

2. Drive traffic to your blog.

We all want lots of people to visit our blogs and read what we have to say. What’s the point in writing every day only for it to disappear into the world wide web? So, work on building traffic to your site this year. Perhaps, this article might come in handy.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Are you interested in monetising your blog? I am. I want my blog to be able to make money for me. This is the reason I started a course in affiliate marketing known as making sense of affiliate marketing. It tells you all you need to know about making money with your blog through affiliate marketing.

I hope this article helps.

Do you have any area of your blog you will like to work on this year? Share and let us know the steps you’re taking.

Thanks for reading.


Do you want to grow your blog? Read this post to learn 3 sure-fire ways to grow your blog.

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