6 Books Set in Italy To Inspire Your Next Romantic Break

6 Books Set in Italy To Inspire Your Next Romantic Break

With gorgeous beaches, ancient ruins, glistering lakes, mouth-watering cuisines and spectacular coastlines, Italy is the perfect destination for that romantic break- when the Covid-19 lockdown ends.


Here are 6 books set in Italy to give you inspiration…

The Secrets of Villa Rosso

If you are a hopeless romantic like me, this book will warm your heart. A business trip to Southern Italy reminds Ellie Maddison why she loves her job so much. The beautiful Villa Rosso, the rich olive groves and the rolling vineyard present a good reason to escape her life back home. She meets Max Jackson, the director of the Villa, and feels a connection instantly. We follow Ellie as she discovers the history of the villa and the effect Max is having on her.

That Month in Tuscany

Lizzy Harper is stood up by her husband on a long-planned anniversary trip. On the flight to Italy, she literally fell into the lap of a rock star, Ren Sawyer, who has a secret he can no longer live with. Despite living completely different lives, they discover an undeniable pull between them. We follow them as they explore the streets of Florence and the hills of Tuscany.

Under the Tuscan Sun

We follow Frances Mayes as she cooks and restores an abandoned villa bought while holidaying in Tuscany. This book was made into a movie. You may find that it has mix reviews but there is no doubt it is an Italian classic.

Beautiful Ruins

The story starts in 1962 in Italy. Jess Walton tells the story of a young innkeeper who spots an America starlet approaching him on a boat. He later learns that she is dying. The story picks up again today, half a world away, in Hollywood, when the innkeeper shows up on a movie studio looking for his long-lost love.

Midnight in Sicily

Sicily is off the Southern Coast of Italy. It is home to beautiful coastlines and magnificent arts and architecture. We follow along as Peter Robb uses a mixture of food, crime, painting, history to highlight the political corruption.

I Found Myself in Tuscany

Lisa Condie tells the story of her marriage and other relationship breakdown. She travels to Florence to ‘lick her wounds.’ She felt invigorated and fulfilled as she wanders through the streets of Florence, admiring the famed architecture and spectacular galleries. We follow her to the rolling hills of Tuscan countryside, as she sought out the olive groves, monasteries, churches and wineries.

I hope you enjoy my selection…

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