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6 Ways Bloggers Make Money From Their Blogs

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How do bloggers really make tons of money from their blogs?

This is a question I’m sure every blogger has been asked. The word blogger has appeared on many of my online profile. This has prompted some of my friends to ask me the same question. Many people are very sceptical when you tell them that many bloggers make 6- figure incomes from their blog. I don’t really blame them. Three years ago, I had no clue how a blogger could generate so much income from a blog. Now I know better.
I have also come to realise that not all bloggers make money from their blogs- at least, not the eye-popping amounts attributed to elite bloggers.

There are many reasons for this. Many people don’t have a clue, the same way I didn’t a few years ago. Some are so rich that they only want to blog as a hobby or they don’t know ways to monetise their blogs. Whatever their reasons may be, they are leaving money on the table. I am a firm believer in blogging for money and encouraging others to do the same thing. What’s the point is putting so much effort into your blog contents and not make money from it? You might as well remain in a 9-5 job for life. If you want to blog for money read Ruth Soukup’s Book, How to blog for Money.

Here’s 6 ways bloggers make money from their blogs.

1. Affiliate marketing

6 Ways Bloggers Make Money From Their Blogs

What is affiliate marketing? Well, here’s what I know. Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product or service you like on your website to your readers. When somebody buys that product or service, you receive a commission. Affiliate marketing is very popular amongst bloggers. In fact, affiliate marketing represents a huge percentage of income for most bloggers. Take Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, for instance. She is one lady blogger I admire. Learn how she went from $0 in affiliate income to $50,000 or more in per month. Her course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing comes highly recommended. If you are a blogger and you want to make money through affiliate marketing, you must take this course. Follow her step-by-step affiliate marketing strategy course that shows you how to earn money through affiliate marketing and make more money blogging.  Don’t leave money on the table any longer. Join the course here!

2. Digital products

So many bloggers create their own courses which they sell through their websites. Some of these courses are popular and successful and make tones of money for the blogger. An example is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, which I have discussed above.

Other digital products that bring massive income for some bloggers are Plugins, Apps, Themes or videos. I think the most profitable digital product is E-Book. Bloggers are self -publishing books and selling through their websites for maximum profit. Others go through Amazon as well. ProBlogger has a collection of E-books on their website. I haven’t read them but the books come highly recommended.

3. Advertising

This is one of the most popular ways for bloggers to make money with their blogs- by placing ads in their website. There are different popular ad networks such as Chitika etc. but the most popular ad network appears to be Google AdSense. The way it works is that Goole chooses adverts that are relevant to your blog niche for you. All you have to do is place the banners on your site. You decide where in your website you want to place the ads. Many bloggers, especially new ones, are known to make lots of money through Google AdSense. Some of the networks can only place ads on your site if you have a huge number of views pay day on your blog.

There is a lot of information out how on how to join these networks- depending of course on the number of your page views. Without doubt, huge page views is the sure- fire way to monetise through adverts. So, drive traffic to your site and start making money. Just remember, it is not a get rich quick scheme. Be patient and consistent. It will pay off. I am doing the same.

4. Placement of private adverts on your Website

Bloggers, especially the ones with huge page views per day, earn money through placing private adverts on their websites. You can either wait for advertisers to come to you or you can contact them directly. If you are looking to monetise this way, I suggest that you add a page to your site for advertisements telling prospects that you are accepting adverts. You will be setting the pricing for your advert in this case.

5. Memberships

Many bloggers sell memberships to their dedicated readers as a way of monetising their blogs. The yearly membership fees can be quite steep but they seem to offer value for money because they are popular, especially amongst elite bloggers. If you have a dedicated readership and a great product, you may want to add membership to your blog. The money generated from memberships is recurring income. Great way to make money as a blogger. Check out Jason Chesters’ tutorial on how to create a 6-figure membership site.

6. Bloggers also make money by offering coaching or consulting services.

If you are ever overwhelmed with your blog, consider hiring a coach – and be prepared to pay a high prize in most cases, but it will be worth it. I am considering getting a coach myself.

There many more ways bloggers make tons of money blogging. I hope you are now convinced that you can make money from blogging. If so, why don’t you start you own blog today.

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