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7 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Schedule Their Blog Posts

Should you schedule your posts?

Recently, I have struggled to keep up with my weekly one post. Pathetic, right? I have asked myself how to avoid rushing around and coming up with a blog post close to the day of posting. Generally, I aim to post on a Monday or Friday. That’s what works for me. That shouldn’t really be that hard to accomplish except that when I write, it is for my next novel.

My blog is my business so I have to treat it professionally. I say this a lot, but it is true. It means I have to find a balance between my long term projects and my weekly postings. To solve this problem, I have decided that it’s best to have a schedule.
So what are the benefits of scheduling your posts?

Here’s what I think will help me going forward. I think you should consider them too.

1. Organisation

Scheduling your posts to go out on the day you intend them to go will help you organise your business. Besides making you look professional, scheduling your posts will also make your business run smoothly. When your business is running smoothly, you are less stressed. Don’t forget, working on different projects at the same may actually be counterproductive and may render you inactive.

2. Quality work

When you write your blog posts and schedule them well in advance, you will have the opportunity to do a thorough research on your blog topics. Researching your topic and writing in good time will prevent you from writing in a hurry and producing less quality content that will do your blog traffic no good.

3. Your readers will know when to come back

Don’t get me wrong, if you have a trusted readership, they will always come back to your blog to see what you have been up to. Some people however, have short memories and rely on reminders. If you schedule your posts to go on particular days, and at particular times of the day, such readers will return on such days to read your post. I post mostly on Fridays mornings. If I stick to this schedule, my readers will know when to return for more blog juice. Granted, it is not always easy to keep to your schedule, especially if you are doing everything yourself, but try as much as you can to be consistent with your scheduling.

4. Scheduling does not mean you will pay less attention to other tasks

In fact, scheduling your contents ahead will help you pay more attention to your other writing tasks such as writing an E-book, a course or other serious posts that you never seem to find time to work on. It will also help you avoid stress. Many people don’t handle stress well. If you are in this category, schedule you blog posts and save yourself the stress.

7 Reasons why bloggers should shedule thier posts

5. The 80/20 Rule

I’m sure every blogger has heard about this rule. Write less and promote the hell out of your blog post. Churning out blog posts at short notice isn’t the answer to becoming a blogging success. You have to ensure that the posts you put out there get in front of many people. This means promoting that post. I wrote something about driving traffic to your blog which you can read here. See why it is important to schedule your posts? Scheduling your post will give you time to promote it on all platforms that you are engaged with.

6. It will help you prioritize better

Scheduling your posts does not mean you suddenly become less creative and less productive. You can still write other posts and carry out other business related chores without the pressure of knowing that you have a deadline to meet.

7. Time for your family

The whole idea of blogging and eventually earning a full time income from your blog is to work at your own speed-at least for me and to spend more time with your family. You will be unable to do this if you are stretched between coming up with a blog idea to meet your deadline and doing other important chores. If you however schedule your posts, you will be able to plan and go on that family holiday without feeling guilty.

Do you schedule posts? Let me know if you find scheduling helpful for your business.

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  • Anne - Just Only Home

    When I’m doing well keeping up I try to have 2 posts scheduled in advance. That gives me time to think of more good idea and write without pressure. If I don’t have one or 2 scheduled I feel stressed about it and tend to put it off all together. Thanks for this post. I really hadn’t even considered many of your points!

  • Jem

    Great post, the kick up the bum i needed!! I’m forever trying to get ahead but fail miserably!!

  • cinnamonsuzie

    Good post — and much needed advice. I schedule my weekly Monday post, but I do sometimes do a shorter/less thought out one during the week as well.

    By the way, I think you are missing a link here “I wrote something about driving traffic to your blog which you can read here.” <– wanted to read this, but couldn't click through!

  • obyakhigbe

    Yes I agree Susana. Scheduling posts makes things a lot easier. Thanks for reading.

  • Jean |

    I’ve posted every Thursday for 7 1/2 years – whew! – and I’m always most relaxed when I have about three posts “in the can” ready to go. But then I get out of the habit. Must get back into it!

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