9 Lies Writers Tell About Their Writing

Do you know that writers often tell lies about their writing? Don’t get me wrong, not all writers do this. If you are one of those writers who are super organised and are committed to writing a certain number of words daily, then well done to you.

9 Lies writers tell about their writing

Unfortunately, not all writers are this organised, and they probably realise that they should be doing more writing but aren’t. Because they are not doing what they should be doing they pretend by saying that they are in fact writing.. If you are of one such writers, know this, you don’t owe any one any explanations. You are only accountable to yourself. Make it work on not, it’s entirely up to you, but it will be cool to make it work, wouldn’t it?

Here are 9 lies writers tell themselves and sometimes, others, about their inability to write.

1. I don’t have a quiet spot to write

 Ah! I love this one. Know this, there is no such thing as a perfect place to write. Yes, ideally, you should probably rent a cottage in the woods and hide yourself away from the world for three months and come out with a masterpiece. Trust me, if you make excuses now, chances are you will find the birds and crickets chirping away happily, the loneliness of the woods particularly at night, equally distracting. Some writers write anywhere regardless of the chaos or lunacy surrounding them. I know a writer who writes with the music, mostly jazz music I must add, blaring in the room while he writes. My take on this? Find out what works for you and stick to it!

2. There is no time to write

I say the time is now! Plan and execute your writing time and avoid procrastination. When life happens, for instance, you fall ill, you have children to attend to in various capacities, you work a 9-5 job, or the in-laws come over for Christmas, etc., it interferes with any plans you may have for your writing. No need to leave yourself vulnerable. Find ways to avoid interruption to your writing schedule, even at the busiest of times. There will always be something happening around you or in your lives to interfere with your writing. The secret is not to allow such interference cripple you. My take on This? Commit to writing at least a page a day, or write for 10 minutes a day. You will be pleasantly amazed at what you will achieve.

3. I am nearly finished

Yea? You haven’t even started. I can assure you, you are not alone. It can be daunting, even frightening sometimes, when you sit down in front of your desktop, or whatever you write with and you cannot form any words. You become totally blank. You cannot produce a word. Nothing, zilch comes out. I totally get that. But that’s no reason to lie. You will have to start to finish, right? So start. Nobody is judging you.

4. I work well under pressure

I am sure most people will say they do. Don’t set ridiculous time scales that both you and I know you can’t meet. Besides, who wants to want under pressure? I know I don’t. There is enough going on in our lives already. Don’t set yourself up to fail. You know what will happen when you fail to meet that deadline? You will become frantic, angry at yourself, even embarrassed. So, set realistic timetable and follow it.

5. Oh, it’s that writer’s block again

Yea, right? I love this lie too, because I tell it myself sometimes. On the occasions when I used this lie, it was just out of laziness. I couldn’t be bordered to use my brain. After all, we are human, right? While I appreciate that some writers suffer from writer’s block, some others have been known to say that there is no such thing as writer’s block. What do you say?

6. I want my writing to be perfect

Sorry to disappoint, but there is no such thing as perfection in writing. No matter how many rounds of editing you take your writing through, there will always be that one misspelt word or grammar blunder that will elude even the sharpest of editors. There is always that one sentence that could have been written differently. My take on this? Aim for excellence instead.

7. I won’t have an audience

This is fear talking. I get that. Even after writing three eBooks, I still worry that nobody will be interested in what I have to say. I have since come to understand that no matter what you write about, be it fiction or non- fiction, given the right attitude and exposure, there will be an audience for it. The important thing is to write something. Your writing will eventually find the right audience. Besides, the more you write the more you become better at the art of writing.

8. No money in writing so, why border to write

Forget the big money book deals for one minute. You can make a good chunk of income from self- publishing your books. You must remember to find ways to promote your books once published. That’s just one of the ways you can sell many copies and make money from your writing. Many bloggers have made tons of money from their eBooks, as well as from freelancing.

9. I suck at writing

Newsflash! Many people suck at writing. I can’t even claim to be a great writer, but I am not letting that stop me. Luckily, there are many resources out there to help us better ourselves at writings. Ask the folks at SmartBlogger. They have written many articles on how to improve our writing.

Remember, I am not judging because I have been caught in a lie or two myself about my writing, but if any of the above points resonate with you, then I glad. All you now need to do is write. Don’t let self -doubt hold you back.

Have you had to tell yourself lies about your writing? What is the lie you have told yourself?

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