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9 Tips for Writing An E-Book

9 Tips for Writing An E-Book2

Have you published an E-Book? If yes, you probably don’t need a lesson on how to write an E-Book.

If you haven’t published one yet, its time to start thinking about doing so. You know why? Publishing an E-Book gives you so much credibility. People automatically think that you are an authority in your subject area. In a way, that is true. You wouldn’t publish a book if you didn’t put in some effort into its contents. Granted, there are so many E-books that may not be worth your time, but there are still many more that are very good. Aim to make your own book even better.

I have written three E-Books in the past three years and working on the fourth. I am proud of my efforts even though, knowing what I know now, I would have done many things differently, like getting professionally designed covers for my books. Well, I’m not going into what I should have done better here. That’s a blog post for another day. As a blogger,  I bet you have read so many blogs telling you to offer amongst other things, an E-Book as an incentive for that sought after email address.

If you are thinking of writing one, here’s what I know about writing an E-Book you may find helpful.

  1. Follow basic writing rules

Check out 5 Ways To Boost Your Writing. It will help you find your routine when you start writing. While the list is not exhaustive, I doubt that you will be able to put any word on paper, let alone produce an E-Book if you don’t follow the basic writing rules.

2. Research your topic

It goes without saying that you have to put in some hours of research into the topics of your books. Two of  my books are romance fiction. I put in many hours of research work into them. I did the same for my third book which is a non -fiction.

If you are merely turning a blog post into a mini E-Book (of course, you would have done some research into your blog topic), you probably don’t need that high level of research. All you have to do to turn your blog post into an E- Book is probably to add some pictures, graphics or additional content to make it slightly different from your blog post. I promised to get my freebies ready soon in 24 Ways To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Blog 

3. Write every day

When I was writing my books, I tried to write every day. Writing everyday didn’t mean that I was able to write a whole chapter every single day, nor did it mean that I wrote quality work everyday. Far from it! There were days I struggled to string two sentences together, but I stuck to my routine. I used to make excuses about finding time to write, but when I got down to it, I realised that the only way I could finish the books was to write sometime down everyday, until I finished. This is the reason I cannot recommend Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird enough.

If you are writing fiction, read up on the settings for your story. Luckily, internet has just about everything on any topic. If you are the travelling type, you’re lucky because, you might decide to make the city or country you are visiting the setting for your book. The setting for my book, A Trip To My Heart is Paris. I visited Paris a few times in the last few years. It is a beautiful romantic city and a perfect setting for a romantic novella. I hope I was able to pull it off.

The same was the case for the sequel, Follow My Heart, which was set in  London, New York, Venice and Dublin. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. I tend to see romance in every city I go. While I visited New York and Venice for this second instalment of the romantic series, I relied on internet and the accounts of a trusted friend who lives in Dublin to set the final scene. While you do not have to visit every city in order to write your E-Book, a good research will make your book believable.

It was much easier to write my non-fiction, My 11+ Journey for the simple reason that we lived it. If you live in England, you will understand the difficulties parents go through in other to secure grammar school places for their children. My 11+ Journey is the story of how my youngest son got a grammar place. The journey dominated our lives until he finally secured a place.

4. Create an attractive and catchy cover.

This is very important because beautiful covers sell your book. I know my book covers are not that catchy. Maybe that’s why I haven’t  made tones of money from  them. Don’t forget, that’s when I did everything myself and relied solely on KDP. I will definitely change the covers of all my books in the future. If you are on WordPress, you can use the Beacon plugin to create an instant E-Book of your blog posts, with good covers. You can also find good stock covers on Flickr. Better still, if you are a graphics designer, well, the sky is your limit. Design away! Just remember, good covers sell your story even before the book is opened. So always aim to find good covers for your E-Book.

5. Decide on format

All my books are published in PDF format. As far as I know PDF format is better because it is easier to convert or upload into Kindle Amazon and other digital readers such as Kobo.

6. Writing your landing page

A good landing page copy will convert many readers as well as result in sales. I suggest you write this alongside writing your book. Don’t leave it till the end to write it because it can be very tough to write. You can of course, use your customer testimonials which can have very high conversion rate.

7. Set your Price

If you are selling and not offering your E-Book as an incentive for opt-in on your site, you will need to set the price for your book. You have control over how much you want to sell your book, but  you have to consider certain characteristics such as the size and page count of your book before setting the price. I used KDP pricing guidelines to set the prices for my books.

8. Reviews

Reviews are very important for the success of your book. Ask fellow bloggers to read your E-Book and give you a review. Don’t worry about being turned down. There are very nice bloggers out there who will be willing to help another blogger out.

9. Decide where to sell your book.

Decide whether to sell through Amazon or your website. I am thinking maybe your website if you want to maximise profit.


Your book will not make much sense without good editing. There are many editing tools out there to help you sort out those grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as those common errors that are not readily detected. You need one for all your blog posts and E-Books. Grammarly is popular with bloggers.

Having said that, always aim to use a human editor!

If you find 9 Tips for Writing An E-Book helpful, please share.

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