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Books! Books! Books! I simply love books. Reading them, writing them, discussing them and I’m happiest when I’m recommending them to people to read.

What’s not to love- books are informative, entertaining, make you laugh, cry and transport you to worlds you never knew existed. That’s not to say I love all books. I enjoy some genres more that others. I will be sharing my type of books with you in due course. You will love my selection. I guarantee it!

My favourite genre? You guessed it. Romance!

Romance novels make me cry, laugh and wish a happy ending to everybody’s relationship. I know. It’s not always the case, but there’s nothing wrong with wishing it though.

Below are books I have written and self published. They may not be bestsellers- yet, but I enjoyed writing them because they are products of my solo attempt into the world of writing and publishing. I hope you will enjoy them too. I aim to share more.

Watch this space!

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My books

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