How to Grow A Successful Blog Today

How to Grow A Successful Blog Today

Have you ever wondered how you can grow a successful blog today? If so, you’re not alone.

For those of you who are new to my blog, I started this blog to share my story, earn an income and help new bloggers earn an income as well.

Without a doubt, every blogger wants to grow a successful blog today. This is also my dream. I have, however, come to realise that starting a blog is often the easy part. But growing a successful blog is a different story.

I have learned quite a lot of lessons in my one year of blogging. Even though I have not made money yet, my blogging journey has been an eye-opener.

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To be honest, blogging is hard if you want to make money from it. It can become overwhelming if you’re not strategic about it. Many bloggers often quit blogging because it is hard to grow a successful blog today. They give up when they fail to see results.

The secret to growing a successful blog today is to treat it like a business. It is not a get rich quick scheme, that’s for sure. That is a lesson I learned the hard way.

I have tried over the past year to grow a successful blog but it has not happened the way I envisaged. In fact, this blog sucks. Some days, I don’t see any visits to my blog. On other days, I will be lucky to see 10 visitors, and these are days that I engage with the Facebook groups I’m part of. The most page views I have had on this blog is 1,700 in one month.

So, even though the blog is one year old, it feels like nobody really knows about my blog.

Clearly, you cannot grow a successful blog today without pageviews.

You might as well be whistling in the wind.

Believe me, I thought about quitting but I thought against it. I am not a quitter. I am somebody who will give any venture I undertake my absolute best before settling for defeat. In this case, I don’t believe I have given this blog my absolute best.

This is the reason I have decided to go back to basics. The only way I thought to go about it is by starting a blog growth series to track my growth. It is also a way of holding myself accountable.

So, over the next 4 months, I will be sharing my efforts to try to grow this blog and really kick it off the ground. The blog growth series will focus on efforts I’m making to grow my blog. I will share what is working and what is not working. So, please stay with me. You never know, you might learn a thing or two about how to grow your blog.

Before I get started with this series about how to grow a successful blog today, let me tell you what I have done so far in my effort to create a successful blog.

I believe part of my downfall so far with this blog was trying to do everything myself. It can be overwhelming when you have so much information swirling around in your head, without a clear direction. In other to have a clear direction of how to grow my blog, I decided to invest in myself and purchase the following courses:

  1. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Since earning an income through blogging is the main purpose of starting this blog, I decided to learn all I can about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a popular way for bloggers to earn an income through blogging. If you are not already doing this, I can assure you, you are leaving a chunk of money on the table. I don’t intend to do that any longer.

This course by the Michelle Gardener- Schroeder, is one of the best out there and it’s teaching me everything about affiliate marketing. I am hoping that before long, I will start earning an income through affiliate marketing.

It is actually my fault that I am not earning money yet.

You know why?

I have not implemented most of the things this course has to offer. It is not just enough to buy a course. For you to see results and grow a successful blog, you must be prepared to finish any course you invest on and implement what the course teaches, otherwise you will be wasting your money, as well as your time. I can assure you, that is no way to grow a successful blog today.

I have now decided to start the course from the beginning and implement stuff as I go along. If you want to know all about affiliate marketing and earn an income in the process, join me on this journey. If you purchase the course, I will earn a commission at no cost to you. Win, win, right? I’m so excited…

Read about other tools I use on this blog which I highly recommend here.

2. Pinfinite Growth

From what I have learned so far, to earn an income through your blog, you need traffic. Since the traffic for this blog sucks, I decided to see how the pros do it. I invested in Melyssa Griffin’s course. I am still going through this course and gradually implementing what I am learning. Most bloggers seem to get a good percentage of their traffic through Pinterest. Fingers crossed!

3. Freedom Machine

This is a very intense course which teaches you everything you need to know about headlines and contents that go viral, traffic, especially gaining traffic from Medium, influencers, blogger outreach and creating your own course, amongst others. This course, by my one of favourite entrepreneurs, Jon Morrow, encompasses everything about blogging. I am still going through the course.

Now that you have an idea how I have fared so far, let’s get started on the steps I’m taking to grow a successful blog.

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Here we go…

My Site

Here’s a snapshot of my analytics

This is very poor, given that the blog is one year old. Nothing is happening here at all. Nothing to see, nada, zilch.


How to grow a successful blog today

Steps I will Take to Improve Traffic

  • I will install the related post plugin in. I am currently adding related posts manually. That will change. I am hoping it will help me reduce my bounce rate. Let me know the best plugin for a related post function.
  • I will promote my blog post more
  • I will interlink posts more. The aim is to keep people longer on my site, reading more posts
  • I will aim to write more valuable content ranging from 1000 to 1500 words.

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My Pinterest Strategy for Growing Traffic

I used to pin every day, but then I stopped. You know Why? There was no significant click-through to my blog. I  was upset and frustrated. I stopped pinning -both manual pinning and scheduling my pins with Tailwind. I asked myself the point in pinning every day when no one clicks through to my blog. But through the Pinfinite Growth course, I now know that if your pins are not attractive, readers will not click through to your website.

So, here’s what I will do…

  • Redesign most of my pins and optimize them for SEO
  • Optimise my bio by adding keywords
  • Offer freebie in my bio and direct to my blog
  • Create 5 new boards
  • Create multiple pins (3) for old and new posts
  • Increase my followers to 1200. I have 830 followers now. This is poor given that I have been active for the most part of one year on Pinterest. Again, I can only attribute this to my poorly designed pins. I am sure there is a direct correlation between pretty pins, lots of followers and lots of traffic. So, if I can increase my followers and redesign my pins, traffic will also increase. 
  • Loop my pins over 1-3 months to ensure they remain in circulation

Monetise My Blog

By now you know my story. My ultimate aim is to make a living through blogging. I have not been able to grow a successful blog today. So, by growing my blog traffic, I hope that my blog will start bringing some income soon through affiliate marketing by implementing the lessons from Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

Build an Email List

This is practically non-existent. This is a huge mistake. It is practically impossible to grow a successful blog today without an email list. I should have concentrated more on building an email list from the onset. Well, I know better now. I currently use Convertkit to grow my email list.

Now here is my overall goal for this blog for the month of September.

• Publish one longtail post once a week
• Publish one round-up post once a week- maybe in a newsletter- I have not decided the best way yet.
• Create content upgrades for long posts
• Increases my traffic to 5,000 views a month
• Increase subscribers from 110 to 300
• Pin content upgrade in Pinterest
• Start a simple online course -i.e once my traffic picks up a bit and my email list goes up.
• More of blogger outreach- will try to comment on at least 10 blogs a week. I think this number is small. I can increase the number to 15 as I begin to find it easier and quicker.
• Insert subscription forms in strategic places on my blog

Phew! This is a long post. Thanks for sticking with me so far.

That’s it, folks. That is my big plan to grow a successful blog today.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog growth series.

Do you have any suggestions for growing your blog? Please leave a comment.

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