One Sensational Blog Post That Will Change The Way You Write


Do you want your readers to remain on your blog longer? Then read this one sensational blog post that will change the way you write.


Many writers are gifted in the art of writing. This means that they know how to relate to their readers by writing powerful articles with captivating headlines, sentences, paragraphs, and phrases effortlessly. Some don’t. For the writers who don’t have this gift, they need to be more audacious and attentive to certain rules of writing to make their articles more powerful.

One of the ways to do this is through the use of transition statements.

What are transition statements?

Ann Casano of explains that ‘they are words, phrases or sentences that connect one topic or idea to another in a paper or essay in a smooth, coherent way—‘ A transitional sentence is simply telling the reader what to expect in the next sentence to avoid abrupt breaks or jumps between your ideas.

Here’s one powerful article that explains it all–

How to Use Transitional Phrases To Keep Readers Sliding Down The Page, by Rob Powell over at SmartBlogger. This article is about contents that flow smoothly, linking your sentences so that they flow so effortlessly that you end up reading the whole content without breaking your speed or thought. Powerful, right?

Here’s what Rob said in his article…

‘transitional phrases lubricate your writing so that readers slide from line to line.’

This is so true.

Here’s something we can all agree with…

We all want our readers to stay long on our blogs and read everything we’ve written. What better way to achieve that than with transitional sentences or phrases!

So how does one achieve this?

Rob stated that by using phrases such as– ‘I know what you’re thinking..’, ‘Here’s the bottom line..’

You can read the rest of the article here. Pay particular attention to his ’13 Exceptionally Transitions That Readers Can’t Resist.’

We don’t always remember to follow simple rules of the English language such as using transitional sentences or phrases. That is why I love this reminder by Rob. Commit to using transitional sentences and phrases in your articles and watch your writing transform.

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Are you familiar with transition sentences? Are you using them?

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