One Spectacular Day In Pisa


The Leaning Tower is one of the most famous monuments in the world. Vist Pisa for a spectacular experience.
Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa

If you are visiting Florence like we were, a day trip to Pisa is highly recommended. Pisa which is about 50 minutes on the train from Florence, was an easy commute for us. When you talk about Pisa, the first place that comes to your mind in the famous Leaning Tower.

The Leaning Tower is what made this Tuscan city popular. Visitors from all over the world come here to see the Leaning Tower. The truth is, if you don’t plan your day well, you will get bored after visiting the Leaning Tower. You may even believe that’s all Pisa has to offer. That is not the case. Make time to venture into Pisa city and see onother side of Pisa.

A bit of history….

Campo dei Miracoli otherwise known as the ‘Square of Miracles’ is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a huge covered, open area which houses four beautiful architectural masterpieces known as the leaning tower, the cemetery, the cathedral and the baptistery. You will be left speechless as soon as you walk through the gate. Magnificent, is simply the word I choose to describe it.

Let’s start with the Leaning Tower…

The Leaning Tower

The iconic Leaning Tower

The iconic tilting tower which was built in 1372 is famous with visitors taking pictures, some pretending to push the tower to an upright position, as you can see me doing in the picture.

It is definitely worth climbing the tower. Because of its popularity, save time and avoid the queues by booking and buying your ticket online before going. If you don’t want to climb the 251 steps to the top of the tower, that’s okay. You can simply wander around the beautiful grounds and take pictures or visit the remaining monuments in the square.

The Cathedral (Piazza del Duomo)

Pisa Cathedral
Pisa Cathedral


This cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta will take your breath away. It stands in magnificent splendour in this beautiful Square.

Baptistery of St John

Pisa Baptistery
Pisa Baptistery

A huge building with lovely and spacious interior, with perfect acoustics, you will enjoy the quiet and peaceful interior. Galiloe Galilei was baptised here.

The Cemetery (Camposanto)

The large rectangular building is simply what it is – a burial ground to bring many tombs together. The original sketches of this cemetery is preserved here.

Bonus 1: One ticket will take you into the Leaning Tower, Cathedral and Cemetery. You can also book a guided tour.

Outside the Campo dei Miracoli…..

The Arno River

Walk hand in hand with your partner as you follow the Arno river round the beautiful and historic part of the city, which is surrounded by equally beautiful and colourful palaces and buildings.

The University of Pisa

You will be surprised to know that this university, apart from being one of the oldest, is also highly respected in Europe. Galileo Galilei, studied Medicine here. Remember him? He is the most famous Pisan and the inventor of the telescope.

Visit the students hot spot, Piazza dei Cavalieri and relive your student days.

Eat Gelato

Your day is not complete without a Gelato. Stroll hand in hand with your partner through the cobblestone streets of Pisa while enjoying your Gelato.

Church of Santa Maria della Spina.

Take lovely photos in front of this spectacular Gothic church.
Pisa is dotted with similar churches in many Piazzas like Church of St. Catherine, Church of St. Francis and Church of San Paolo a Ripa d’Arno.

National Museum

If you are a lover of painting and sculpture, head to the National Museum.

Marina di Pisa (Beach)
If you are still up to it, after walking around and exploring Pisa, leave the city and head to the beach for a fun evening. This is the closest beach to the city. It is about 20 minutes away on the train. Perfect end to your trip!

Bonus 2: The best way to explore Pisa is by walking or cycling

Finally, add Pisa to your bucket list, and enjoy breath-taking art and history that goes far beyond the iconic Leaning Tower.

The Leaning Tower is one of the most famous monuments in the world. Vist Pisa for a spectacular experience.
Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa

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