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One Sure-fire Way To Expand Your Reach As A Writer


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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with blogging? I do.

As writers, we constantly challenge ourselves. That’s okay, because we want to be better and we want our work to resonate with many people. The reality is that blogging can be lonely, especially when you are writing and doing everything alone.

It can also be disheartening. We can sometimes lack the courage to continue, especially when you put in every effort into an article , only for it to reach a handful of people. What do we do in such situation? Do we quit?

Certainly not.

You keep at it, and you try to find solutions to make it better. This often means finding other ways to expand your reach as a writer, and touch or perhaps, change lives with our contributions.

It is for this reason, I have decided to expand my reach and publish in Medium. Some of you may have heard about medium.

It is a great platform to showcase your work as a writer and build your audience.

Here is a link to one of my articles in Medium. Please share and comment.

If you ever feel overwhelmed, step back and reassess your situation. Find out what writing strategies work for you and implement them. You want to avoid panic and burnout.

Thanks for stopping by.


*Daily post word prompt: Courage

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