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    Lessons Learned From 8 Months of Blogging

    TweetSharePinShare    When I started blogging, 8 months ago, I didn’t realise how overwhelming it could become. It feels like only yesterday since I stated. Where has the time gone? In this article, published in Medium. I outlined some valuable lessons I have learned so far from blogging for 8 Months. It has been an eye opening experience, to say the least. Please what you have you learned in your blogging journey? Please share in the comments box. Thanks for stopping by. Oby   TweetSharePinShare

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    4 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Writers

    TweetSharePinShare    This post contains affiliate links. Are you excited about Valentine Day? It’s amazing how time flies. One blink and Valentine’s Day is already on the horizon. I’m excited. It is the one time in the year I feel young and expectant. It is a time I look forward to what hubby will surprise me with. I have dropped a few hints about what I will like this year. I hope he was listening. No matter our age, it is a time to celebrate love and friendship. It is a time to show that special somebody how much you appreciate them. Are you stumped for ideas? I have compiled…

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    4 Unbelievable Books To Read If You Want To Be A Good Writer

    TweetSharePinShareDo you want to be a good writer? If you have been reading this blog, you already know that I am a great advocate for reading and writing. I, therefore, do my best to bring to my readers’ attention books that will enhance their writing as well as enrich their lives. Some writers have the gift of writing. This means they have the natural ability to easily, confidently and seamlessly pull you into their writing and force you, through their use of the language, to go on a journey with them. Such writers, carve out a successful career for themselves in no time. Unfortunately, some of us need a bit…

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    The Blood On Their Hands (A new book coming soon)

    TweetSharePinShare The Daily Post Prompt: Torn This is an excerpt from my new thriller which I recently completed. It is still very raw and going through editing. I thought you should be the first to read it and tell me what you think. Please read on— I knew my life was in danger the moment he saw me. It was Friday evening and I had decided to go for a walk, well not entirely true. I was hoping to see Edo, the tall, muscular built, but forever smiling boy from Block 12. He jogs every day in and around the woods surrounding the Barracks and I was hoping that we…