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    5 Proven Ways To Improve Your Writing Instantly

    TweetSharePinShare Photo by Alexandra on Unsplash These five proven ways will improve your writing instantly. Most articles are littered with words or phrases which are not only unnecessary but make your sentence and overall article weak. Most times, we use them simply out of habit. Before you use them in your writing, ask yourself this question. ‘Do I need to use them in my sentence?’ Here are 5 words and phrases you can stop using today to improve your writing instantly. 1. Get rid of the word ‘That’ Unless it is absolutely necessary, which it’s not most of the time, drop it from your sentence. For example, ‘do you believe…

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    45 Surprisingly Simple Strategies That will Boost Your Productivity As A Writer

    TweetSharePinShare Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash As writers, we are always looking for ways to improve our output. We resort to many ways to keep us motivated, writing and ensuring workflow. There are many productivity hacks out there, and you’ve probably heard of all of them. It is likely you’ve put them in place to help with your writing. I doubt therefore that my post will suddenly reveal some hidden productivity hacks plucked out of Mass that nobody has heard of before. That said, it is always important to keep certain hacks in mind, because with everything happening around us, all at once, in some cases, we lose sight of…

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    Lessons Learned From 8 Months of Blogging

    TweetSharePinShare    When I started blogging, 8 months ago, I didn’t realise how overwhelming it could become. It feels like only yesterday since I stated. Where has the time gone? In this article, published in Medium. I outlined some valuable lessons I have learned so far from blogging for 8 Months. It has been an eye opening experience, to say the least. Please what you have you learned in your blogging journey? Please share in the comments box. Thanks for stopping by. Oby   TweetSharePinShare

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    Two Blog Posts That Will Inspire Your Writing

    TweetSharePinShare    Do you want to learn how to be successful as a writer? Then read this post. The fact is, we all want to be successful as writers, but what does success as a writer actually mean to you? Do you want to be famous because of what you write? Perhaps, you want to be famous and rich? I know, both can go hand in hand. Being famous as a writer most of the time, means you are also making an income from your writing. And why not? For as long as I can remember, all I wanted to do was read and tell stories. If I can do…

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    3 Powerful Quotes By Stephen King To Make You Work Hard

    TweetSharePinShare We are all fascinated by quotes by famous and successful people such as Oprah Winfrey, Seth Godin, Steve Job and Stephen King. Let’s face it, we want to know what makes them tick. That’s the reason we read books like the ones mentioned here and here. I am fascinated by Stephen King and his takes on writing. Here are 3 of his famous quotes which will shock you into taking your writing more seriously. ” If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There is no way around these two things that I’m away of,…