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Take A Break From Writing And Have Some Fun


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‘’Happy birthday, sweetness,’’ I shouted, laughing, as my niece grabbed my two legs with her chubby, chocolate smeared hands. As I lifted her up in my arms, and above my head, she giggled, saliva dripping into my face.

Yes, I’m where I should be right now, I said silently to myself.

It was my niece’s first birthday and the parents organised a small family party for her.

At first, I wanted to make my excuses and stay at home to write. Then I thought about it and decided to go. It was the right decision. All work and no play…

It was a surprisingly big crowd. Although, it was a family party and supposed to be small, it turned out to be a large gathering of family members from both sides of the couple. Throw in a few friends and it was a full house. In my opinion, no party is ever small. This was a big party.

As I hugged and kissed my way through the crowd, I realised that I missed being with other family members other than my immediate family.

by Kirsty TG on Unsplash

It was fun, especially, tucking into the jerk chicken, rice and peas, curry goat and jollof rice. I also loved the gossips and chit chats.

It was a long, but memorable evening. Watching my niece’s face light up as she squealed with laughter each time a nicely wrapped gift was headed her way, was priceless. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Take Away…

As writers, we tend to spend a lot of time by ourselves. It can be lonely. It is easy to find yourself alienated from people. Don’t spend too much time alone, writing. Get out there. Do stuff you like. Unwind.

When you unwind and relax, you will approach your writing from a fresh perspective.

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*Sometimes, our bodies give us signs of warning- to take a break.  I have been suffering from serious flu this week. I think it is a sign that I’m run down. So, this Easter, I’m taking it easy to recuperate. If you can, try to relax with family and have some fun.

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