5 Proven Ways To Improve Your Writing Instantly

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These five proven ways will improve your writing instantly.

Most articles are littered with words or phrases which are not only unnecessary but make your sentence and overall article weak.

Most times, we use them simply out of habit. Before you use them in your writing, ask yourself this question. ‘Do I need to use them in my sentence?’

Here are 5 words and phrases you can stop using today to improve your writing instantly.

1. Get rid of the word ‘That’

Unless it is absolutely necessary, which it’s not most of the time, drop it from your sentence. For example, ‘do you believe that you can win the race? Not only does it not sound right, it makes your sentence weak.

What about now? Do you believe you can win the race? Leaving out the word ‘that’ has made the sentence stronger.

2. Get rid of the phrase ‘I believe’

This is a common phrase most writers use. I use it myself, but I am becoming conscious of using it in my writing. It serves no purpose.

Check this out- I believe this book is an excellent read. Now compare it with this:
This book is an excellent read. Stronger and better sentence, right?

3. Keep sentences short

Remember what they say about white space? ‘The white space is your friend. Long-winded sentences are often lost in translation. Keep your sentences short. It will help you get straight to the point.

4. keep paragraphs short

Keep paragraphs to three sentences. Short paragraphs are pleasing to the eyes and easy to read.

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5. Be consistent with your use of tenses

For example, if you are describing something that happened in the past, use past tense.


As writers, you must remember that a good sentence structure, amongst others, is the core of good writing.

Always strive to make your writing readable, free of unnecessary jargon, and common spelling and grammar mistakes.

Take the above simple steps when you write to improve your writing instantly.

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